EXCLUSIVE: Huntsville School Contract Worker Terminated For Allegedly Beating Second Grader

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.(WHNT)-A contract worker at Huntsville City Schools has been fired after allegations that he beat a second grader in a dark and locked room.

Officials with Huntsville City Schools confirmed that a contract worker at University Place Elementary was terminated last week, with the victim's mother calling the misconduct outrageous and criminal. According to the mother, the unidentified worker reportedly yanked her eight year-old son out of the library for talking. The boy was then taken to an empty room nearby and whipped on his buttocks with a studded belt that the worker was wearing. The mother told WHNT News 19 that the contract worker turned off the light before the beating, which left severe cuts and bruises on her son.

"His experience in that beating was horrible, horrid," said Shablis Harrell, the victim's mother. "I want to make sure that he [fired worker] is never allowed to work with children again...That man took my child into the backroom of the library where no one could see, there were no windows, took his own personal belt off, and beat my child, and told him before he beat him that if he did not get up and come to him then the beating was going to be worse."

Huntsville City Schools spokesman Keith Ward told WHNT News 19 he could only confirm that a former contract employee was terminated over a policy violation at the school. Ward would not reveal what the contract employee's name or job function was, or how long he worked at University Place Elementary.

"I don't have any of those details that I could share," said Ward. "We had information a contract employee had administered corporal punishment, and that contract employee has since had their contract terminated."

Shablis Harrell said she has been in contact with detectives from the Huntsville Police Department, who are currently conducting a criminal probe. Harrell also revealed she had information that other students may have been beaten as well.

"I'm almost positive that there's more than just my child that's been beaten, abused and assaulted by this man...My child knew when that happened that it was not okay."

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