As Animals Recover, Brothers Accused in Dog Fighting Ring Appear in Court

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WHNT)-- Two Jackson County brothers accused in a dog fighting ring appeared in court Wednesday afternoon.   Brothers James and Christopher Allen were brought to court as part of a civil case.

The state of Alabama took the men to court seeking to have them pay for the upkeep and medical care for the ten pit bulls recovered in the investigation.

"There are two that were in the worst shape," says Dr. Kasandra Garner who is treating the dogs.  "One of those had a completely dislocated carpus.  That's where the bones of the wrist are completely pulled away from the long bones of the arm.  And then they all had, all of the eight, had swollen wrists."

She says the animals' medical expenses will likely run into the thousands of dollars.

"The one with the dislocated carpus will need about a three thousand dollar surgery on that leg or have it amputated," Dr. Garner says.

Judge Jenifer Holt ordered the Allens to pay 435 dollars now on the dogs' expenses and 150 dollars per month until their criminal case is heard.

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