Turn Lane Problem In Madison County

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NEW HOPE, Ala. (WHNT) - Most of the time, the turn off Highway 431 South in New Hope onto Maple Road is no big deal. However, In the afternoons when traffic is heavy, a turn can be dangerous. "Traffic is going 65 miles an hour, and you go to turn off, and you don't get off the road quick, you're going to get hit," says James Cooper.

James stopped while we were shooting video at the intersection. Terry Cloud was the original caller. He's concerned about the problem is having to slow way down on the highway to turn, but the fact that it appears to some drivers that the shoulder of 431 is a turn lane. "We have visitors all the time, and they'll ask you as soon as they get here, was that a turn lane up there, we were confused," says Terry.

James and Terry both feel that slowing way down to turn off of 431 is dangerous.  They're also concerned about the fact that they have a paved shoulder, that is inadequate to be a turn lane. "It's not enough, it needs to go back further, so you'd have time to get off the road before you get to Maple," says James Cooper.

"I think we ned a turn lane very much," says Terry Cloud. After observing the intersection, and using it ourselves, we think so too. It's why we're taking action and talking to ALDOT.

This intersection needs some help.

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