Medical Board Suspends Huntsville Doctor’s Alabama Controlled Substance Certificate

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A Huntsville doctor is under investigation. Patients scramble to pick up their medical documents.

Members of the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners believe Doctor Shelinder 'Shaun' Aggarwal poses an imminent danger to public health and the safety of his patients. His patients are fuming.

The number of cars outside Aggarwal's office Monday morning suggested business was good. The emotions of people at the doctor's office boiled over.

State documents show a Board of Medical Examiners investigation found probable cause to believe the doctor:

  • Excessively dispensing controlled substances to many of his patients
  • Dispensing controlled substances in amounts not reasonably related to the proper medical management of his patients' illnesses or conditions
  • Dispensing controlled substances for no legitimate medical purpose.

Investigation documents show the board found probable cause to believe the public is in imminent danger if Dr. Aggarawal's certificate is not suspended.

"They're telling me Dr. Aggarwal's license has been pulled. They're not writing prescriptions. I've been coming here for over two years," said Patient Stacey Peterson.

Peterson and others showed up at Dr. Aggarwal's office to get their medical records. Staff inside the office told the patients they had to find another doctor.

"I've heard rumors that people who don't need to be here have been coming here," added Paterson.

WHNT NEWS 19 found documents from the board suspending the doctor's privilege to write prescriptions for controlled substances. Peterson needs her medicine to deal with pain from four neck surgeries.

"I am on a special patch and on pain meds you can't just get at your family physician. I have to be on the medicine 24/7," added Peterson.

WHNT NEWS 19 heard from Dr. Aggarwal's patients.

"It`s not like your typical doctor`s office. You are not going to go in there waiting for hours. You`re going to do a urine test every time. They're gonna test you for drugs. They're going to make sure you are not taking drugs you shouldn't be taking," said one patient who didn't want to be identified.

The patient continued and defends the doctor, "'Without question! I would be mooching off the government. I would be on disability and unable to work if I were unable to see Dr. Aggarwal."

Dr. Aggarwal will have the chance to defend himself in May when he goes before the board in Montgomery.

A note to this story, Ardmore, TN internal medicine specialist Dr. Sanjay Agarwal is not associated with this report in any way.  Dr. Sanjay Agarwal is not under any kind of suspicion or investigation.