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Southeast YMCA Daycare Suspends Teacher During Investigation

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A teacher from a Huntsville daycare center is suspended while officials investigate an allegation of abuse.

The report came after a parent witnessed an alleged act of violence at the Southeast Child Care Center at the YMCA Preschool, located at 1000 Weatherly Road.

yinternalYMCA CEO Scott Mounts said the teacher is suspended and not allowed to return until the Department of Human Resources finishes its investigation into the matter.  Once the report is in, officials will review the teacher's future employment with the YMCA.

Trey McDowell of Huntsville posted on Facebook that his wife witnessed a teacher shove a child earlier this week, yell at her and yank her with one arm, while his wife was picking up the couple's grandson.  The man indicated YMCA management did not respond to his complaint in a timely manner.  The message spread to many people on Facebook, and several viewers contacted WHNT News 19 about this.

"My wife goes up and she hears this woman yelling at this child," McDowell recounts. "A woman takes her hand and places it on the child's head and shoves it down onto the cot--she's telling her to go to sleep. I think my wife was a little bewildered at that moment."

Mounts said a YMCA employee transferred the parent to another person at the corporate office who did not get the message.  Mounts said once he got the message, he immediately called McDowell to speak with him about his complaint.

Mounts said the preschool self-reported the incident to DHR within an hour of it reportedly taking place.

McDowell posted a follow-up message on his Facebook page on Thursday thanking Mounts for contacting him.

"He contacted me and the situation will be handled," McDowell wrote. He said they were handling it through DHR. He also apologized for no one contacting us."