Bissell Stain Remover a Deal!

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For the lack of a better word, we’ve been on a “quest” to find a product that really does a great job of removing stains from carpet or clothes.

Many of the products we’ve tested replaced one stain with another.

That would remove the wine or coffee stain and replace it with a faint green stain that would then not wash out under any circumstances.

But wandering through a “bigbox” home store, we found a stain remover product that had a wine glass on the front.

The Bissell Oxypro Carpet Stain Remover claims to remove stains that range from wine to motor oil from carpet.

I didn’t test the motor oil because we used the palatial Screws estate.

We poured the wine and carpet on my carpet, and the Bissell took the stains up quickly.  You have to wait five minutes, but the Bissell worked great. It’s a relatively cheap product. It cost $7.99

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