Fighting for You: Neighborhood Nuisance Annoys Owens Cross Roads Father

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OWENS CROSS ROADS, Ala. (WHNT) - A man in Owens Cross Roads has had enough! Will Messman is concerned about loud noises, strange faces, excessive foot traffic and sudden movements in his neighborhood.

Messman emailed WHNT NEWS 19 to let him know about the problems he was dealing with. Messman told WHNT NEWS 19 he has watched this kind of stuff go on feet away for his home for years. His calls to 911 don't seem to be working.

Messman concerned about his neighborhood.

"It`s a good school community. We stay here because of my son. He is six. He is going to school now and is in kindergarten," said Will Messman.

Messman calls Owens Cross Roads a nice and quiet town. He should know. He's lived there 10 years.

Messman noticed some things around the block are changing. The biggest is at a mobile home on Vann Road.

"You`ve got people in and out 24 hours a day. There is a constant flow of cars between the trailer there and the other house," added Messman.

Police have investigated home break-ins in the area. Undercover agents have looked into drug activity.

Messman believes a handful of people near his home are looking to get money any way they can.

"I came home the other night and there was a guy in our back yard standing just behind the corner over here. As soon as my headlights hit, he took off running and went through the fence which is electricity zapped him. He jumped and took off running," added Messman.

Messman dialed 911, but was prepared to use his hands another way.

"I`ll do whatever I can to protect them whether it be coming outside on top of them or letting them come in the house and me dealing with it my own way. You just got to do what you got to do," added Messman.

Eddie Sisk is a Madison County Commissioner and oversees for Messman's neighborhood.

"I've got concerns any time drugs or other things are going on in the district," said Commissioner Sisk.

Commissioner Sisk has not talked with Messman about the issues on Vann Road before talking to WHNT NEWS 19. WHNT NEWS 19 explained Messman's concerns. Commissioner Sisk promised to talk with Madison County Sheriff Blake Dorning to get something done.

"It`s never simple. Anytime you are dealing with something like this, they have to go out, do investigations and it sometimes takes months," added Commissioner Sisk.

Commissioner Sisk told WHNT NEWS 19 he is still working on a plan to assist Messman.