Local Businesses Thrive Despite Economic Odds

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Many families and businesses are bracing for the impact of the sequestration cuts and furloughs. WHNT News 19 has brought you several of their stories to you in the weeks leading up to sequestration. But even among all this uncertainty there are bright spots, where businesses continue to thrive despite a sluggish economy.

Sunbelt Business Brokers has seen business boom over the years.

"We answer an all important question for business sellers and that's what to do when they are faced with health concerns or relocation or want to enlarge their business somehow. Sunbelt answers that question for them and helps bring a buyer to the table," said managing partner Melinda Tsang

Tsang says with thousands of clients nationally, business has been booming.

"Because the Huntsville-Madison area has been so well promoted as such a great place to live and have a business we get calls from all over the nation, anywhere from California to New York to Florida," said Tsang.

In Madison, Taylor Edge has helped grow a 21-year-old company into an international businesses.

Edge owns Rescue One Connector Boats. Over the past 8 years his business has nearly tripled in size. Clients span from the Tennessee Valley, to New York and California.

Thursday, they shipped the first 24 rescue boats of a 75 boat deal to a client in Thailand.

"We are in a unique niche market where it's been good for us, But I understand a lot of other commodities and general services have taken a hit," said Edge.

Edge says his business has continued to succeed because he considers every opportunity that comes his way, and advises other businesses owners to stay hopeful.

"My approach had been to work hard, don't believe everything that you hear that it is doom and gloom and that things won't turn around, because it has and it will."

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