Decatur in Talks to Bring Retail Development to the Intersection of I-65 and I-565

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) - Is Decatur about to get a bass pro shop? City officials say -- they can't say!

However, negotiations are still underway to land a major retail development where I-65
meets I-565. It's not just a development for a major retailer, it's considered a major development for a number of retailers, a motel, restaurants, even apartments.

"It'll be an urban area. It will not be sub-urban or rural at all. I think it'll develop fairly quickly once the initial project hits," said Decatur Mayor Don Kyle.

That initial project is what city officials are working on now. Confidentially agreements prevent them from confirming if this is the same Bass Pro Shop development that was in the works five years ago before the economy soured the proposal.

What they can confirm is roughly $40 million in concessions is on the table to help seal the deal that would bring a major retail development, hotel, retail shops, restaurants and other businesses to this annexed portion of Decatur.

"Thousands of jobs, hundreds of shopping choices potential, and even new perhaps new living choices," said Kyle.

But first, the city council has to approve the concessions package. Plus, Mayor Kyle said the developer has a few more agreements to get signed. He says we should know the fate of all of this property sometime this spring.

Mayor Kyle says this one development would mark the beginning of major changes throughout that entire area.