AEA Launches New Radio Ad Campaign Against Alabama Accountability Bill

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TENNESSEE VALLEY, Ala. (WHNT) – The Alabama Education Association launched an ad campaign criticizing the Alabama Accountability Bill.

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To listen to the ad, click here: AEA HB84_Madison

Full text of the ad:

“Our public schools are under attack.  Newspapers, the state school superintendent, school boards, teachers and coaches condemn this ambush of public education.  House Bill 84 could cost public schools 367 million dollars a year.  Hundreds of millions will flow from public schools to private schools and for profit charter schools.  Your tax dollars could even be used to pay tuition for children already in private schools.  If every child in Madison County eligible under this program used it, it would cost city and county schools over 17 million dollars.  Many schools could be forced to close.  Who did this to you?  Arthur Orr, Clay Schofield, Bill Holtzclaw, Shadrack McGill, Paul Sanford, Mike Ball, Phil Williams, Howard Sanderford, Jim Patterson, Mac McCutcheon, and Wayne Johnson.  These legislators and Governor Bentley supported this attack on your schools.  It’s time to fight for public education.  A message from the Alabama Education Association.”