Marshall County Recovers $207,241 in Five Weeks

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) -- The Special Services division of the Marshall County  District Attorney's Office closed 514 cases since the beginning of February.

The Worthless Check Unit, Restitution Recovery Unit, and Child Support Unit collected $207,241 during five weeks leading up to Wednesday's warrant round up.

"That's money that will go back to merchants who otherwise needed that money, victims who are entitled to restitution, and also monies that are due to the court system for it to be able to continue to operate," district attorney Steve Marshall said.

They served 57 warrants during the round up and collected about $10,000 Wednesday.

"We would expect probably close to that amount for the remainder of people that are there [in county jail].  Jail is an incentive for many people to come up with money that otherwise would not come up with, so we expect that to happen in this case," Marshall said.

About a dozen of the people arrested during the round up remained in the Marshall County Jail Thursday afternoon, and Marshall said they are held on charges ranging from writing bad checks, to failing to pay child support, to failing to pay fines and other court costs.

"People that went in yesterday had cash bonds that would allow them to get out," he said.

"Basically, that cash bond satisfied what they owed.  Those that are continuing to stay in jail will either stay there until a court date or likewise until they satisfy their obligation."

Many avoided jail during February's amnesty month, when prosecutors in Marshall and DeKalb Counties allowed people to pay without having to go to court or pay some fees.

The district attorney's collected more than $10,000 on the first day of February.

"I'm very pleased with the fact that not only did some people take advantage of the opportunity to not get arrested and do the right thing, but also the promise that we made at the end, that if you don't come in, we'll come looking for you," Marshall said.

Altogether they cleared 514 cases in the five weeks.  Several dozen outstanding warrants remain, and investigators will still search for the suspects they couldn't find Wednesday

"We're not [done], those continue to be active, we've got information and leads of where people had somehow left the county, may be in other jails for example, we'll continue to follow up on those," Marshall said.