Governor Vetos Bill Giving Guns to Teachers

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – This week a local bill giving educators permission to carry weapons on Franklin County school campuses got vetoed by Governor Bentley after its passage in both the house and senate.

The bill was designed to give some kind of security to what school system leaders describe as a sitting duck situation.

Eight school campuses provide educational opportunities for the youth of Franklin County.

Superintendent Gary Williams said the one thing you won’t find at those schools is armed security,“Other systems can afford school resource officers and I’m proud for them, but we can’t. We need something that we can do to beef up our security in our schools.”

Williams had hope in a bill that would pave the way for designated educators on each campus to be armed.

But with Governor Bentley vetoing the bill that would only effect Franklin County schools, Superintendent Gary Williams is left to rely on law enforcement who could be as far as 20-minutes away.

“People know that we can’t have weapons in schools to protect ourselves, and we’re just sitting ducks really,” said Williams.

Franklin County leaders say putting officers on eight campuses is just not possible with funds the county currently has.

Williams remains hopeful that representatives will re-introduce the bill in this legislative session, with some measures that Governor Bentley will approve of.

According to school leaders, Bentley wanted the training part of the bill outlined in more depth before signing.

Superintendent Williams says educators would have to go through a screening process and hours of training before having a weapon would even be an option.