Governor Bentley: Accountability Act ‘Great Opportunity’ For Students

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Governor Robert Bentley stopped by the Rocket City and took a moment to speak on the issue that's dominated the headlines for the past week, the Alabama Accountability Act.

Republican lawmakers filed an appeal to the Alabama Supreme Court on Thursday after a Circuit Court judge issued a temporary restraining order keeping the bill off the Governor's desk.

Bentley says he thinks opponents are missing the big picture and what's at the core of the bill.

"For the first time ever, passing or failing schools will have the opportunity to better themselves with flexibility in budgeting and flexibility in programing," said Bentley. "All of those things can be dealt with. It's a great opportunity."

While Governor Bentley wants to focus on the flexibility aspects of the bill, opponents see the legislation as a surefire way to further disadvantage struggling schools and children.

On top of that, they take issue with the way the bill was passed, accusing GOP Lawmakers of violating legislative rules.

Bentley stands by Republican lawmaker's methods, and instead wants to focus on issues within the legislation.

"It's not a perfect bill, and we're looking at some of the parts of it and we'll decide if we need to make changes and send it back [to the legislature]," assured Bentley.

As for concerns about the cost the tax credits would impose on an already tight state budget, Bentley set a lofty goal.

"If we have no failing schools in the state, there will be no tax credits," Bentley said.