Instabulb a Deal!

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The Instabulb provided some surprises for us in our weekly test.

The Instabulb is a “stick up light bulb.”  The packaging claims the light works with no outlet or wiring.

But it has to have power and it uses four AA batteries (not included.)

It works simply. The packaging also claims the lights have a peel & stick feature so you can stick it on a wall. But only one of the lights in the two-pack had a peel & stick feature.

The lights work fine. Given the fact they are powered by four AA batteries, they lights are going to last forever. We put one on a wall and left it overnight and it had died by morning.

The lights would be good for closets or attics. They would also be good for camping and power outages.

But one claim did get out attention.  The packaging claims the lights are shatter-proof.

So, we dropped them from about six feet off the ground.  The batteries popped out when it hit the ground. When we put the batteries back in place, the Instabulb worked fine.

So, we decided to really test it.  We threw it about ten feet and the light came apart.

But when we put it back together and tightened up all the components, the Instabulb worked fine.

The Instabulb cost us $14.99.  We like it and made the two-back a “Deal.”

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