Little Known Area of Morgan County Is Alabama’s Sinkhole Hot Spot

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Photo from Newsome Sinks in Alabama. (Photo courtesy of the National Park Service."

UNION HILL, Ala. (WHNT)– People who’ve grown up and live near Newsome Sinks know all about it.  For the rest of North Alabama, it’s a different story.

Newsome Sinks is located in the eastern part of Morgan County.   It sits between Apple Grove Road and Pine Ridge Road.  The area is pot marked with numerous sinkholes.

According to the Geological Survey of Alabama, the four mile length of Newsome Sinks makes it the longest such area of sinkholes in the state.

Sinkholes have gotten a lot of attention after one opened up underneath a house in Florida killing man.    There are no records of a sinkhole ever doing the same thing in Newsome sinks.   There are currently no houses in the area.

Yet, Newsome Sinks has played a big role in the history of North Alabama.   According to the 1992 book, “Trails & Traces, People & Places” by the Arab Historical Society, Hughes Cave located at the mouth of the sinks was a valuable saltpeter mine during the Civil War.  The saltpeter was used to make gunpowder for Confederate Troops.

There was also a leather tanning operation located in the sinks during the war.  According to the book, it was destroyed by Union Soldiers.

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