Madison Hospital Celebrates One Year Anniversary

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) --It was a big day for staff and employees at Madison Hospital today as they celebrated their one-year anniversary.

Madison Hospital President Mary Lynne Wright said the facility has done so much more at this point than she thought would be accomplished in its first year. "The community has done such a great job embracing this hospital," said Wright. "Our emergency room is far busier than we ever anticipated it to be, our surgical volume is growing and our obstetrics program is rapidly growing."

Wright says since Madison Hospital opened its doors in February of 2012, the growth it has seen has exceeded her expectations. "The emergency room has been the biggest surprise to us," she said. "We have more than doubled the number of patients we thought we would see."

Susie Masotti with the Madison Chamber of Commercce agrees with Wright. She said that Madison Hospital adds convenience to the entire community. "As a patient, you want to be able to come and visit," said Masotti. "Whether you're having a baby or having surgery, the convenience of having your family being close by is a brand new element."

Wright says she is most proud of the way the employees have adapted to the new facility at Madison Hospital. She says the hospital strategically planned for another floor when building the facility so they would be able to expand. She hopes to add 30 more beds to the hospital within the next year and a half.