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Former Congressman Bud Cramer Weighs in on Sequestration

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Lee: “We’re joined by former Congressman Bud Cramer talking sequestration, the countdown continues in Washington, you were telling me you saw a lot of them at the airport, some of the lawmakers are headed home for the weekend.”

Bud Cramer: ”They are, the house did recess today, so they’re not in tomorrow, I know they had a conference, the republican conference to discuss a path forward starting early next week. So sequestration will go into effect as we know unfortunately tomorrow.   The danger with sequestration is the across the board, every account is cut, there's no discretion.. DOD, the army.. there's no discretion to say in BRAC communities like ours. We chose to spend our money our cuts here, not there... they can't do that.  That's why there needs to be a solution and there needs to be a solution to this the next 2 to 3 weeks.”

Lee:  “When do you think we're going to start feeling the effects of what happens tomorrow?”

Bud Cramer: “If nothing is done before March 27th, look out.. That’s when it hits, and so the chill though is that government agencies are planned for this, they've started planning for this.. so Redstone, the Garrison Commander... how will I take these cuts, who will I lay off, who will I have to do without.”

Lee: “You talked a little bit about Redstone, the military going to take a major hit with these cuts,.”

Bud Cramer: “Defense cuts will be extraordinary unlike we've ever seen before... some more liberal more members of congress feel like we have spent and spent and spent... from budget cuts why should they be accepted now?  Lee... there's a smarter way to do this there's a way that you can have budget cuts, but you don't just blindly do it, you don't just do it across the board, you give the army, the Air Force, the Navy you give the intelligence agencies the umbrella for the defense budgets, you give them some discretion as to how to prioritize, we all prioritize.”

Lee: “The Countdown to Sequestration clock behind me, as you can see, a little more than 24 hours away, before those cuts kick in.  Congressman Cramer will also join us tomorrow morning on WHNT News 19 this morning at 6:30 for a live interview as the sequestration clock continues to count down toward that Friday Night deadline in DC.”