Where’s My Car? Putting Apps To the Test!

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Have you ever parked your car in a strange city, at a football game, or even in a packed parking lot, and then couldn't find it?  It's embarrassing, and frustrating too, and now there's no reason for it to ever happen again. Thanks to car-finder apps for your smart phone, you should always be able to locate your vehicle.

One thing to note, all car-finder apps aren't created equal. Some are very easy to used, while others are a bit more difficult.  To find out which one are the most user-friendly, we put six car-finder apps to the test.

After downloading them on to my i-phone, I parked in downtown Huntsville. The next step was to mark my car's location on all six apps.  Once that was accomplished it was a matter of walking several blocks away, and then using the apps to find my way back to the car.

The first thing I discovered, I hadn't used some of the apps correctly. The wanted me to perform more steps to mark my vehicle than I had actually done. On the other hand, the apps appeared to have marked the car.  Two apps, "Sally Park" and "Find My Car" worked easily and correctly. We used them to travel back to our parked car.

We tried a second time with the other four apps, and met with good success on three of them."iCar", "Park Bud" and "Honk".  "Dude. Where's My Car" indicated the location of my vehicle, and the place I was standing a few blocks away, but the route it gave me was for a location out-of-town.

After testing, I determined that "Sally Park", "Find My Car", And iCar  were the most user-friendly. "Find My Car"  is available for both Apple and Android systems. Of the top three, "Sally Park" is the only one with a cost, $2.99.

"Park Bud", and "Honk" were slightly less user-friendly, but they did work well. "Park Bud" is free,  while "Honk" costs 99 cents. Both are only available for Apple operating systems.

"Dude, Where's My Car" is the one app I don't recommend. It is free, and useable on Apple devices, but  it was tough to make it work correctly. Often it would describe a route to your parked vehicle that might go through another state.

The bottom line, car-finder apps can easily makesure you never lose your vehicle again. Remember though, you have to turn the GPS feature in your phone to the "On" position. Also several of the apps offer a tutorial, and it's a good idea to take it.  One downside to the car-finder apps, prolonged use will drain the battery of your device.

For a reference on the car-finder apps we tested and now recommend, check the graphic below.

Car-Finder Apps Results

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