Protecting Privacy Ahead Of Facebook Graph Search Rollout

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Privacy & Graph Search

You may remember Facebook’s launch of Graph Search a while back – a service that will bring you search results based on information your friends have provided on the social network. The idea sounds cool, especially if you want to find a great restaurant in your town – one your friends would recommend. On the other hand, it’s a little daunting from a privacy perspective.

If you’re a little nervous about privacy, below are some tips on how to adjust your Facebook settings *before* Graph Search rolls out to everyone (it’s in limited use at the moment) and your posted information gets rolled into the process.

1. Protect your future posts

Every time you update or publish on Facebook, you’ll see a drop-down menu appear where you can control who sees what you’re about to post. “Public” allows anyone to see it, “Friends” allows only your confirmed friends and “Only Me” is well – only for you. Make sure to select the option you feel most comfortable with.

2. Protect your current posts

The same drop-down menu that lets you control who sees your new posts will appear next to older items, including your likes and work history, on your Timeline. You can adjust each post’s audience individually or click “Update info” on your Timeline to browse a number of options. The “Activity log” tab on your Timeline will allow you to review all of your likes and remove things you don’t want.

3. Protect yourself from friends

When friends post things about you (think photos and such) on Facebook they are in control of the audience and, as a result, how they’ll show up in Graph Search. You can take steps to limit who sees what though. To review posts you might be “tagged” in, open your “Account Settings” page and select “Timeline and Tagging.” You can then set up a “review” feature that lets you approve or block attempts to tag you. This move, along with some other audience-selection options, can reduce how much exposure you have to Graph Search.

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