Gun Owners Gather For 2nd Amendment Rally

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As the Obama administration looks for ways to crack down on certain types of guns, people across the country who are opposed to the White House plan are standing up to defend the right to bear arms.

Saturday, 1,700 people packed the North Hall of the Von Braun Center to support, defend, and learn about their 2nd Amendment rights.

Speakers included 2nd Amendment attorneys, local and state lawmakers, and gun rights activists. The message: The 2nd Amendment protects the infringement of the rest.

"It protects us from an overbearing government. The government is for the people, by the people, and when the government loses sight of that our rights enable us to keep that stand to keep government exactly where it's supposed to be," said State Senator Bill Holtzclaw.

Another message was that gun owners do not fit a certain profile. They are not only huntsman or gun enthusiasts, but also spouses and parents who want a way to defend themselves in a world ridden by violence and crime.

Linda Lawrence, a mother and gun owner, also spoke to the crowd, recounting her own experiences.

"I don't just go randomly grab my weapon every time I fear something, but there was a man at my door and he was not going away, and he was yelling through the door at me" said Lawrence. "I thought that was enough of a reason to go get my weapon prepared in case I had to use it. I did not plan to shoot anybody, unless he came through that door."

Fortunately, in that instance, the man eventually left. But Lawrence says she knows her gun is the only thing that could stand between an intruder and herself and her children.

"I feel it's my responsibility to protect my children, and I think the best way I can do that is to be armed," said Lawrence.

State lawmakers are currently working to pass a bill that would put further 2nd Amendment protections in place against federal gun control laws.

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