UPDATE: Two Women Arrested After High-Speed Chase Through Decatur

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) - Thursday, city leaders in Decatur were waiting on the bill from the aftermath of a costly night, including major damage to two police cars, a lightpole and a building.

Two women of Decatur were finally arrested for it.

Crystal Hitt and Gayle Howard face a slue of charges after an early morning chase through major streets in Decatur.

Police say an officer spotted Hitt driving on Sixth Avenue around 2:30.

They recognized her as having an outstanding warrant.

Police say Hitt stopped initially, but then sped away.

That's when a second Decatur officer joined in pursuit for about five minutes.

Police say Hitt tried to turn onto 11th Street but lost control and hit a building, that housed an insurance company.

Police say she got back on 6th Avenue, turned onto 14th street, then onto Central Parkway where she lost control and ran into a dicth.

Officers say twice during the pursuit, Hitt stopped her car long enough for an officer to get out of his patrol car and start to approach her, then she rammed the patrol car.

Finally, after wrecking her car, Hitt and her passenger, Gayle Howard, tried to make a run for it, according to officers.

Police caught them and say they found crack pipes on both of them.

While no one was injured, and the two damaged patrol cars can be repaired, officers say Hitt's vehicle came dangerously close to hitting an officer.

At several points during the chase, the vehicles reached 80 miles per hour.

Hitt was charged with ten criminal counts, including four counts of leaving the scene of an accident.

Howard faces two charges and both have more charges pending.