Madson City Schools Discuss Security Improvements

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) - The Madison City School Board of Education held a special meeting Thursday morning to discuss construction contracts for security improvements at seven Madison schools.

Construction contract bids for security improvements involve laminated glass and double-door entrance systems that require visitors be buzzed in to the second set of doors.

The original capital plan for the project was earmarked at $200,000.

"We thought that was a sufficient amount of money,” said Pat Connor, Madison City Schools' Director of Operations. “But once the bids were received and we did a detailed analysis we realized that was not the case."

The board approved amending the project's capital plan to a little more than $250,000 after reviewing bids from several contractors. The budget got a boost with $30,000 and $10,000 appropriations from State Senator Bill Holtzclaw and Madison County Commissioner Steve Haraway, respectively. Construction is set to begin soon but should not affect student mobility or traffic.

"The contractors are working basically on weekends, at night and during spring break,” said Connor.  “We'll give them access to the school whenever they need so they are not interfering with the students."

Three of Madison's 11 schools already have the double-door system intact. Because Bob Jones High School's entrance and lobby are so open and large, school administrators are still trying to determine the best route to enclose the area and increase safety. A plan for Bob Jones will be presented at the regularly scheduled meeting next Tuesday.