Banana Slicer a (Tongue-In-Cheek)…”DEAL”

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The Banana Slicer.


I’m not kidding.

It’s a “Banana Slicer.”

It only cost $2.99 and if you look in enough corners of the sleep-deprived internet word, you can find them for a dollar.

It works simply. You peel the banana. The slicer will not peel the banana for you.

The slicer is bent the same degree and angle as a banana. It has two parallel plastic pieces connected by think plastic strips. It looks like a ladder that curves.

You put the slicer on top of the banana and press down. It then cuts the banana in a several pieces perfect for the cereal bowl.

It works fine and we made it a “Deal.”

But what has happened on that cool “World Wide Web” thing that the kids think is so cool, is that The Banana Slicer has spawned an epic amount of comedy writers.

People are submitting their own reviews on a variety of websites, and many of them are hysterical.

For example, this one is from Amazon.

For years, I have struggled with slicing my banana's with a knife. Most of the time, the banana would squish, and I’d have to throw it away and start all over (after all, who wants to eat a squished banana). Then, out of the blue, some genius comes up with the ultimate tool to slice a banana. I tell ya, I am in fruit paradise now. I carry the slicer with me wherever I go.

Another one…

But it bends to the right and my banana bends to the left. I will have to return it and wait until they come out with the left bend model.

And still another…

This may have saved marriage. My wife has long complained about the uneven slicing of the noble banana that I performed each morning for our corn flakes. Now with the surgical precision your product brings to our morning my wife actually thinks I am a genius but the downside is that this new found confidence the slicer gave her has expanded to household Honeydos that have included chopping wood, shoveling snow and rewiring the studio. It is still worth it and I was wondering if you had a slicer for Twinkies

And a warning…

After 2 days of ownership, I almost lost a body part to this thing. So again, read the warning labels and follow the CAUTION words. DO NOT use for anything other than bananas.

If for no other reason, you should order a “Banana Slicer” for the holidays if you play “Dirty Santa.”