Local Travel Agent Says Carnival Will Rebound

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) — After hearing about the unfortunate circumstance travelers aboard the Carnival Triumph are facing, you may expect the number of recreational cruises to decline.

According to Roger McWhorter with Elite Travel Agency, that’s not likely the case. “These things happen,” said McWhorter. “Cars break down and ships break down. Clean here up, paint her up, and put her back out again.”

McWhorter says that despite the ugly reports coming from passengers on the ship that is currently being towed from the Gulf of Mexico to Mobile, the ship will sail again. “Psychologically, somebody may growl about the ship. The truth is it’s not sinking, it just had an engine problem,” said McWhorter.

He says all cruise lines are prepared to cover the damage done to their passengers’ vacations. Just like major airlines, all major cruiselines carry huge liability insurance policies and they often self-insure.

There are several million people that go on a cruise on any given year and according to McWhorter, this is about 4,000 out of a million that have been inconvenienced. He says the odds of something happening on a cruise ship like the situation that occurred on the Triumph are significantly low. He also says he thinks Carnival will be able to rebound from the fiasco.

“If they do their advertising correctly and they certify that they’ve gone through the ship completely and redone it, I think people will feel comfortable on that ship again.”