Pay It Forward: Debbie Lukens

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This week's Pay It Forward features a woman who has made it her life's goal to help others.  Here's what Christiana Walburn has to say about Debbie Lukens. "She's just my guardian angel here."

Christiana met Debbie after coming to Huntsville to live with her son. "I moved to Alabama after losing my job and house due to the Michigan economy. I came with one car load of items, and very few clothes," said Christiana.

Christiana didn't even own a coat to ward off the winter cold. The first day they met, Debbie quickly changed that by giving her one.

Soon after, Christiana moved into an apartment in a less-than-desirable neighborhood. Debbie would have none of that and helped her obtain a safe and comfortable home.

"When I had moved from my son's to an apartment, the other half of the house was occupied by drug addicts and alcoholics," said Christiana. "It was just driving me literally crazy, I was on the brink of emotional exhaustion and she, her and her husband invited me to stay at their house until the other house came open."

Christiana says Debbie's generosity knows no bounds. She uses her own money to help anyone in need and that is why she deserves a Pay It Forward.

We agreed, but upon giving Debbie the Pay It Forward money, she quickly said she was going to pass it on. "Pay It Forward, my friend who's renting Christiana the house, she needs a floor in the bathroom and I think we're gonna put in a new floor."

You might say Debbie lives by the old saying, 'tis better to give than receive'.

"That's just me, it's in my heart," said Debbie.

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