Danville Student On Bus Accident: “It Was Very Scary”

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DANVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Very scary. That's how one student describes the crash involving a Morgan County school bus Tuesday morning. State Troopers tell us a 16-year-old high school student turned into the path of the school bus on Danville Road just after 7 a.m. The bus had just dropped off younger students at Danville-Neel Elementary and was carrying 23 students to Danville Middle School when the crash occurred. WHNT News 19 spoke with one of the students who was on that bus.

"Yeah, it was very scary. This is my first wreck," said 15-year-old Shannon Lynn Pugh. She was sitting near the back of the bus this morning on its way to Danville Middle School.  So, she never saw what was about to happen.

"I hit my neck on the back seat of the bus and I couldn't breathe.  My sister, she was telling me to breathe and she called my mom," Pugh told WHNT News 19 Tuesday evening from her mother's home.

Shannon was one of 10 students who were transported by ambulance to Decatur General Hospital. She underwent x-rays and a cat scan and was later released.  A spokesperson for Decatur General says all of the students were treated and released. School officials tell us the bus drivers rehearsed this type of an event in a drill about a month ago.

"You hate to see something like this happen.   But, it shows you the need for the training and the drills.  It lets us know that this could happen to any of us at any time," said Morgan County School Superintendent Bill Hopkins.

As for Shannon, her neck and leg are sore.  She'll take the day off Wednesday, but expects to be back in school Thursday.

"I just want to thank the paramedics and wish to everyone that was in the wreck the best, and make sure they're okay.  And, I'll pray for their families," she said.

We suspect a lot of people were praying this morning.  With no serious injuries, perhaps prayers were answered.

State troopers tell us no charges have been filed regarding the wreck.  They say the accident remains under investigation.