New Sculpture Installed at Redstone Gateway

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — There’s a new addition featured at Redstone Gateway Business Park.

A 3-piece sculpture was installed this week and was completed on Friday, February 8th. It’s called “Breaking Earth’s Bond” and it was designed and sculpted by Seattle-based sculptor Ulrich Pakker.

Pakker was approached about a year and a half ago to construct a piece for viewing. The 25-foot tall sculpture is now the tallest sculpture available for public viewing in the Huntsville area. Pakker said there was a very specific theme he wanted to stick with when designing the sculpture for the Rocket City.

“It had to be somewhat of a tie-in to space and space flight,” said Pakker. “This whole city and location has been very much centered around that.”

Each piece of the sculpture is symbolic to space flight and the space industry. The tallest part of the sculpture is referred to as the “Trajectory.” It is meant to visually show a rocket’s launch into orbit. The arch is called the “Bridge” and is meant to show a pathway from the past into the future endeavors regarding space success in Huntsville.

“The arch can be looked at in numerous ways such as a passage in time and history of space flight itself and a bridge from one place to another,” said Pakker.

The five “Molecules” are inspired by the Hydrazine molecule, the first rocket fuel that was used by Wernher von Braun.

The Trajectory is 6,500 pounds and the Bridge weighs in at around 5,500 pounds. Pakker told WHNT News 19 that the sculpture is firmly rooted 18 inches into the ground and he doesn’t anticipate it going anywhere anytime soon.

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