Former Chief’s Fate In Hands Of Sheffield Civil Service Board

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SHEFFIELD, Ala. (WHNT) - The Sheffield Civil Service Board must now decide whether to re-instate the former police chief.

Greg Ray was terminated in October after the mayor filed seven accusations of misconduct and miscommunication.

After two days of testimony, the civil service board says they will review the case, and notify Ray of their decision in writing.

In a final plea to the civil service board, attorneys for the law enforcement veteran, asked the panel to consider Greg Ray's flawless record.

According to lawyers Ray served the city of Sheffield for more than a decade, without a single citation on his file.  Lawyers say firing the chief after a lifetime of service is unacceptable.

“I feel Chief Ray is definitely the chief we need he has done so much for Sheffield, he is continuing to do so much for Sheffield and I think he deserves his job back, he deserves never to have gone through this to begin with,” said supporter Melanie Dickens.

Ray endured hours of questioning by the attorney for the city of Sheffield and members of the panel.

“They have something good going on with Chief Ray.  Keep it that way,” said supporter Anna-Marie Fisk.

During closing arguments, the Sheffield city attorney argued crime in Sheffield is worse than ever, and the city needs a leader who can work effectively with the mayor and council.

“Chief Ray is our chief, we want him, if they can listen to all these facts and still not give him back his job then maybe we need a new civil service board,” said Dickens.

Under oath, Ray told the panel, if he gets re-instated as chief, he promises to address the issues brought before him, and make communication a top priority.

Ray has been on administrative leave with pay since being terminated.