Native American Tribe Opposed to Possible Grissom Location

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- Lowery Hesse, who is vice chief of the United Cherokee Ani-Yun-Wiya Nation says building a new Grissom High School at one proposed site, would be tantamount to digging up a buried loved one.

"The old adage goes, 'Do you want your own grandmother dug up?' That's the way we feel," Hesse says.

Tuesday afternoon Hesse spoke to reporters in front of the current Grissom High School.   Huntsville City Schools has been eyeing a location off of Weatherly Road for a possible site for a new school.

"We have many pieces of documentation that prove that this land is an ancient tribal area," Hesse says.

The school board has acknowledged that there is an issue with the property.  WHNT News 19 spoke to school board president Topper Birney.

"We are looking into that.  Our lawyers are looking into that.   Dr. Wardynski looking into that," Birney says.  "Hopefully we will come up with a resolution that satisfies everybody."

That's what Hesse says he is hoping for.

"We do not want to take this to any legal action whatsoever," he says. "We want to wait to see what the Huntsville School Board decides on their own."