State Gun Rights Bill Would Allow Alabamians To Bring Guns To Work

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WHNT) - Alabama Republicans may have to weigh two of their biggest backers against each other.

The crisis of conscience comes from two bills.

Democratic Senator Roger Bedford's SB24 along with Democratic Representative Craig Ford's HB12.

The bills would allow Alabamians to bring their guns to work with them.    

WHNT News 19's Political Analyst Dr. Jess Brown explains the guns will have to stay locked up in your car, but businesses cannot ban employees from bringing them.

With gun rights providing a rallying cry for Republicans, you can see why they might be tempted to back the bills.

Dr. Brown says, "You're going to have some Republicans feeling very much pressured in the current environment to not interfere in any way with gun rights."

But gun right supporters might not have the trump card here.

Dr. Brown points out, "There are a lot of business executives in this state that are fundamentally opposed to a law that says that a worker can bring a firearm onto their property whether it's locked in the car or not."

Republicans in the state legislature will have to weigh the support of gun rights proponents against the support of the business community.

When Dr. Brown looks at the situation, he's got an idea how it turns out, "The leadership of the Republican party in state government, they're basically business Republicans.  And as you get closer to Election Day, I think they become more business Republican types, because it's the business wing of the party, it's the corporate faction that can raise the money for re-election campaigns in 2014."

State legislators might gain from backing the business community, but it could cost them dearly with gun rights supporters.

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