Republicans Set To Begin State Legislative Session With “Timid” Agenda

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(WHNT) - Republicans stormed the state legislature with big plans.

WHNT News 19 Political Analyst Dr. Jess Brown assesses, "The first two years of the Republicans being in charge of state government, they had a fairly aggressive agenda of change - in the retirement system, on ethics.  They had some high-profile legislation that had some genuine substantive change."

But Dr. Brown says the plan for this session doesn't have the same quality of boldness, "I think the agenda they've chosen is frankly a more timid one."

It starts with state leadership, according to Dr. Brown, "The most publicized legislative initiative of the Governor is to restructure the law enforcement agencies of the state, and while that may be needed, if I went to the typical Alabamian and I asked them would you please list the three or four critical problems facing the state of Alabama - the organizational structure for state law enforcement agencies would not be on that list."

The people who put these folks in office could tell you one of the big items - the budget.

The legislature recently convinced Alabama voters to drain money out of the state's trust fund, because the budget desperately needed cash.

Now they've got a whole session to address the problem, yet it still doesn't top the agenda.

Dr. Brown reads the tea leaves, and he says they all spell out two words - Election Day, "As you get closer and closer to Election Day, they don't want to cut services and they certainly don't want to raise taxes."

So the agenda will remain - timid.

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