Parking Congestion Eased at UNA

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) - Students say finding a place to park around the University of North Alabama campus can sometimes be a challenge.

Now, some students' frustrations are rising, since the school moved the freshman parking lot, to a different location.

Construction at the previous parking lot shut down the place where hundreds of students parked their cars.

“When I first attended UNA, I thought parking was ridiculous.  I could never find a place to park and a lot of times the place you did was the wrong one, so you wound up getting a ticket,” said UNA student, Chris Herndon.

As the university's enrollment keeps growing so does congestion.

An off-campus parking lot along Florence Boulevard helped for awhile.  Then, heavy equipment and construction barrels took over, to make room for a new business.

Now the freshman parking place has been moved up the road on Darby Drive.  Woodmont Baptist Church offered its lot for student parking.

“Now that they`ve done this off campus thing it’s a little bit of a hustle to get there and meet bus schedules but over all I think it’s better that way,” said Herndon.

University officials say providing this slab of concrete prevents rules against freshmen having cars on campus.

The university is also saving money using the Woodmont Baptist Church parking lot.  Right now they don`t have to pay rent. 

Shuttle buses run to the off campus parking lot every 15 minutes.

The Woodmont Baptist Church parking lot provides about 250 extra parking spaces.

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