Drivers Raise Concerns About Huntsville’s Four Mile Post Road

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Four Mile Post Road in Huntsville connects Whitesburg Drive with Bailey Cove Road. It's also one of the popular ways to get to the Valley Bend Shopping Center. Four Mile Post is definitely busy, which makes the problem all the more urgent.

Drivers turning off Whitesburg have to be careful. Just a short way up a hill and around a curve, the right hand edge of the road is crumbling. It's falling apart badly enough, that alongside the road there are piles of asphalt chunks. On some of the chunks, you can see the white striping that normally marks the edge of the road.

"Well, it's been breaking off for several years and I've complained about it, but they've never done anything about it," says Mildred Stephenson.  The section of Four Mile Post Road with the problem passes in front of Mildred's house. She says more than one driver has gone over the crumbling edge of the road, and hit one of her trees. It's certainly true that the road's surface is several inches above the land right next to it.

Mildred wants the road's edge repaired. "Well, somebody is gonna really come in to that ditch and hit a tree, and get hurt," says Mildred. We think she's right, and that's why we're taking action and talking to city officials about doing just that.

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