Bentley Unveils Plan To Streamline State Law Enforcement Functions

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Governor Robert Bentley (WHNT File)

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WHNT) – Governor Robert Bentley is announcing his plans to streamline state law enforcement functions. 

Tuesday, he signed an executive order to further his efforts and introduce his legislation.

Currently, there are 20 state agencies that have law enforcement functions.  Bentley says right now, some of those functions overlap.

He says his plans will reduce redundancies, cut back on tax dollars and put more agents on the road.

“The end result will be improved public safety,” Governor Bentley said.  “By reducing duplications in administrative functions, we can save taxpayer dollars while putting more law enforcement on the road.”

He also wants to make it clear who is in charge when multiple agencies are involved.

“Every law enforcement officer, no matter what agency, when that officer encounters a problem, that officer will own that problem until the issue is resolved,” said Gov. Bentley.

As part of his executive order, Governor Bentley has hired Spencer Collier, Alabama Department of Homeland Security Director, as Senior Law Enforcement Advisor.  Bentley says Collier will work with different agencies to make each one more effective.

Governor Bentley said a large portion of this plan can move forward immediately by executive order.  He said more is still being finalized, and will be presented before the Legislature in the upcoming session.

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