Huntsville Pastor Recalls Meeting With Dr. Martin Luther King, Junior

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Millions nationwide are celebrating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Junior. One Tennessee Valley man is thinking of Dr. King a bit differently. Reverend Wayne Snodgrass stood a few feet away from Dr. King decades ago.

"My whole experience, as I said, is quite limited because of my youthfulness," said Rev. Snodgrass.

Rev. Snodgrass met the almost 30-year-old Dr. King, Jr. when he was six or seven. The time frame was in the early 1960s.

Dr. King was visiting the Huntsville church with Rev. Snodgrass' father preached.

"For me, I had no idea of the magnitude of who he was because preachers were always coming to our house and always coming around," added Rev. Snodgrass.

Rev. Snodgrass did not know what his father and Dr. King talked about, but knew their conversation was important because of the time it was happening.

"I understood the racial differences. I understood the kind of battles we were up against, but for me, I was just glad to be a part," added Rev. Snodgrass.

The pastor marched with his father and Dr. King. They all did demonstrations in Huntsville together.

"I am amazed that he accomplished so much in such a short time," added Rev. Snodgrass.

Rev. Snodgrass didn't know what Dr. King was doing, but knew there was something special inside the man.

"As a minister of the gospel, the first thing I would say would be the anointing in him. God gives to every man to be able to do some things at that particular moment on stage," added Rev. Snodgrass.

Rev. Snodgrass would continue to see Dr. King at religious conventions with his father.