‘The Flower Shop’ Destroyed By Blaze

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LEIGHTON, Ala. (WHNT) - It was a fire Thursday night that could be seen from a great distance.

Just after 10 o'clock, fire fighters from five volunteer departments worked to put out a blaze at The Flower Box in downtown Leighton.

Fire fighters say they worked most of the night putting out hot-spots and trying to keep a neighboring building from catching fire.

The Flower Box was a home town florist that had been in business for several decades.

Friday morning many Leighton residents stopped to look at the shell of a building that served as a cornerstone for so long.

Disbelief and shock is just a couple of the words used to describe the fire that destroyed the flower box on Leighton's Main Street.

Barbara Holley walked over from the Leighton Senior Center Friday morning to see the devastation herself.

“She is just a super lady and I'm thankful she wasn't hurt. It's just sad; I mean it just gives you chill bumps to think about it,” Holley said. “We are truly, truly going to miss this shop.”

Holley says she was at The Flower Box on Thursday picking up a flower for someone celebrating a birthday.

She didn't realize it would be her last time to visit, “She really was a big part of the community, and she would work with us, that was great. A lot of times people don't work with you anymore on cost or...they just don't help each other out the way they used to.”

Barbara Holley says with this business closing, Leighton is down to two businesses operating in the town.

She hopes Ivanelle Weaver and The Flower Box will find a new home and open back up soon.

The State Fire Marshal's Office plans to dig through the remains of the building over the weekend to help determine a cause for the fire.

According to fire fighters, Ivanelle Weaver did not have fire insurance for the business.