Pothole Ridden County Line Road Causes Concern For Drivers

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) - As you drive down County Line Road it`s hard to not notice the cratered asphalt and disintegrating patchwork. Public Works has been patching up potholes for months, but most of their efforts were washed away by the Winter weather.

Madison resident, Lisa Bowden, travels the road every day. She says during the day drivers do their best to avoid hitting the potholes, but with nightfall comes extra hazard.

"Especially when the roads are wet you can`t even see the potholes until you`re right on them. You don`t even have a way to dodge them. it`s literally too late.

After Bowden reached out to WHNT News 19, we sat down with Madison Mayor Troy Trulock to figure out what is being done about the damage. Trulock says a plan is in place.

"We went to the state to ask the state to help us in funding improvements, and the Governor came up here and approved a road project for us. It would completely repave County Line Road from Highway 72 to Highway 20, and it would widen the entire road to five lanes," said Trulock.

However, it's $7 million project that isn`t scheduled to start for another year. In the meantime, the patchwork will continue, and signs have been put up on county line road cautioning drivers to slow down.

"Roads are my number one priority and we want to improve them. But the state is in control of his one," said Trulock. "We just ask the citizens be patient with us. We are trying to improve not only the roads but quality of life."

Trulock says Public Works crews have been checking the road several times a day, and once they are dry they will start to put temporary patches in place.