Morgan Co. Leaders Communicate in School Delay Decision

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) -- Schools in Morgan County were delayed 2 hours this morning, just like dozens of other school systems around the Tennessee Valley. Morgan County leaders say they made the decision to start school late on Monday afternoon.

"I felt like that was the best call for everyone involved," said Superintendent Bill Hopkins. "This way, parents can make plans, get babysitters, make arrangements with their jobs and we try to do that to help them as much as we can."

Hopkins says there is a lot of communication that goes on when trying to determine whether school should be postponed or cancelled completely. He says his office actively keeps an eye on the weather and he calls on his county commissioners to help make the call.

"I will call the local commissions and ask them what it looks like in their area," said Hopkins. "I ask them if they see any flooding or dangerous driving conditions in their area and then report that back."

Hopkins says the school board's number one priority is keeping their students safe. He says he understands that driving conditions vary across the county so he encourages parents to evaluate the weather in their area and use their own judgement.

"Don't let us make that decision for you," said Hopkins. "If you're in a situation where the water is over the road where you live and you can't make it out of there, stay at home, we'll work with you and your student."

Hopkins says that his school system will keep an eye on the cold and rainy weather this week and make any further delay calls on a day-to-day basis.