Three Arrested For Home Invasion And Robbery In Harvest

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HARVEST, Ala. (WHNT) – Madison Sheriff deputies and S.W.A.T. team officials responded to a home invasion robbery on Wall Triana and Fords Chapel Road.

Sergeant T.A. Miller said three people were involved in a home invasion and robbery around 3:00 a.m. at a house on Gardendale Road. Some of the victims at the home recognized the suspects as people who had been to their party earlier and alerted the police.

Units were dispatched to the suspect’s home. Officials say three people ran inside the house and turned all the lights off. Despite verbal commands, one of the suspects refused to come out. Authorities had to force entry and use tear gas after the suspects refused to respond.

Officials say they later found another possible location where the third suspect could have hidden. They found the third suspect hiding in a crawl space within the home. There was a fourth person with outstanding warrants also hiding within the home.

Police said it was a total of three suspects who were found in connection to the home invasion. The fourth suspect was found with outstanding warrants. All four were taken into police custody.