“Whassup Alabama” Video Shot In Courtland & Town Creek

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TOWN CREEK, Ala. (WHNT) - Okay, when you think about America's music recording meccas, Town Creek, Alabama probably doesn't come to mind. But there are some men in Lawrence County who would change all of that. In fact, just in time for tonight's BCS National Championship Game, Red Bank Records has posted their latest recording on YouTube, and the world is beginning to take notice.

When you get to Town Creek, there's the traffic light. You can't miss it, it's the only one in town. If you turn left, there's the church. Turn right and you're in downtown. If you go straight, well there's Posey's Farm but that's about it. But a native son says he wants to put Town Creek on the map, and he'll do it with his music.

"I wanted to come up with something that was not something everyone was used to hearing, a different kind of chant, you know, whassaup Alabama, you know what I'm saying, I heard the beat, put it to the beat, it had a little ring to it," says King Ray, the song's writer and publisher.

So Ray got a few friends together, including Algee Smith, recorded the song and hired a camera crew to do the music video. He posted it on YouTube last month and it's just now started to get some serious hits. (keenan porter, "goon")

"It was real fun. We had fun the whole way making it. From starting off, from when we first started doing the song til we shot the video, it was fun all the way through," says Keenan Porter, one of the video's stars.

And we had fun this afternoon talking about it. Ray says he's working on his first album right now. It'll be released through Red Bank Records, the label he founded to distribute "Whassup Alabama." So next time you're thinking about rap music, don't forget about Town Creek. From the rap music capital of the Deep South, Al Whitaker WHNT News 19.

By the way, the chant is: "Whassup Alabama, come on and rep with me..." And, of course, "rep" meaning represent. These are die-hard Alabama fans, if you hadn't already guessed. Almost everyone in the music video is local talent. Here's a link to the original video as posted on YouTube.


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