Retired Deputies Could Help With Security in Limestone County Schools

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Limestone County already has six student resource officers at its high schools. But after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, there’s a push to get officers in all of its schools, including the elementary schools.

The Limestone County Commission met Monday with a resolution to hire retired, certified police officers to provide security.

Karen Tucker, with the Limestone County school district, says, “Because they are retired, they can only make $22,000 a year. So we’ve run the numbers and according to our numbers, if we could partnership with the county commission, we would be out about $125,000 for an SRO or retired police officer at each elementary school.”

Sheriff Mike Blakely adds, “My only request is we make sure there’s some uniformity in whatever type of security we utilize for any of our schools.” He goes on to say, “Make sure these people are certified officers. Not only that, that they are people that obtain a school resource officer certification prior to being placed in those schools for security.”

It would be a part time job for the officers, but a win/win for everyone in that it would mean extra income for a retired officer and increased peace of mind for parents.

Sheriff Blakely says, “Anything we do that relieves parents’ minds after they’ve sent their kids off to school or dropped them off at school and they’ve gone to work, then I think that’s money well spent.”

Limestone County Commissioner Gary Daly says if the school board likes the resolution, they can pass it and get the ball rolling on the plan.

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