Kids to Love: Billy Joe

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Billy Joe can be shy sometimes.

In fact, the day I met him, his social worker warned me he might not talk to us at all.

Needless to say, we hit it off!

I want you to meet him too.

Billy Joe is 11, and wasn't able to narrow down to one favorite subject in school.

Billy Joe said  "I actually like 3... math, reading and language.”

Lee asks  “What kids of grades do you make?”

Billy Joe answers “As and Bs.  I study a lot.   I'm supposed to be in the 6th, but I'm in the 5th. I got held back."

Lee asks "What do you like to do for fun?”

He smiles when he answers “Play video games. I got the high score of everyone in my family.”

Lee asks “Tell me about your family.”

He shares “They're fun.  They have a lot of kids and we spent a lot of time with each other.”

Lee  “Have you been there very long?”

Billy Joe answers  “Almost a year.”

Lee  “Have you had to move a lot in your life?”

Billy Joe nods. 

Lee asks “What's the hardest part about all that moving?”

He answers “Meeting new people."

Something this young man is working through one person at a time while he waits for his forever family.

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