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If City Sells Property, Where Do The Seniors Go?

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – Set for the agenda, Tuesday night Florence City Council members will discuss giving the mayor authorization to negotiate the sale of the old Florence Country Club property.

Florence city leaders see it as a good opportunity not only to be a good neighbor to the university, but a way to grow the local economy.

A Chinese company wants to partner with the University of North Alabama to build an Integrative Health Program at the university at the sight.

“If we can vision that there are a thousand students in town, and the true economic impact of one student is twenty-two thousand dollars a year, then you can imagine what the economic impact if we had a thousand new students in our area,” said Florence Mayor Mickey Haddock.

On the flip side, if the sale of the property to the Chinese company goes through, the city of Florence must find new homes for the Senior Center and Sanitation Department.

Both are currently housed inside the old Florence Country Club facility.

“When we meet and talked about capital projects with the council a month or so now, that came up a few times when we talked, was a new senior center,” explained Mayor Haddock.

Conservative estimates by city officials put a price tag of two-point-six million dollars for a new Senior Center.

Mayor Haddock says the money needed for a new facility would likely come from the bond market, and could be paid for without any new taxes or fees.

According to Haddock, he is also looking for a new facility that can combine the Street, Sanitation and Recycling offices.

The city of Florence plans to use the money from the sale of the country club property to cover the costs of closing the current land-fill.

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