Last Baby Born At Decatur’s Parkway Medical Center

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) - For expectant mothers in the Decatur area, there are some major changes taking place you need to know about. Parkway Medical Center has stopped delivering babies. All of the labor and delivery services are moving over to Decatur General Hospital. Both facilities are operated by Huntsville Hospital. The thought was it just didn't make sense for the two facilities to compete with each other. So today, we met the last baby to be born at Parkway Medical Center.

It was a tradition here at Parkway Medical Center for many years. Every time a baby was born, Braham's Lullaby would be heard throughout the hospital. People would often stop, knowing that for whatever was wrong in their lives, something very right had just happened in someone else's.

But Parkway's music box has played its last lullaby. Meet Charlee Alysa Wallace. She has the distinction of being the last baby born at Parkway.

"I think it's pretty cool," says Charlee's mother, Miranda Wallace. When Charlee and her family go home, the labor and delivery unit at Parkway Medical Center will close. Nurses have already begun the task of packing up what will be transferred over to Decatur General, including some supplies and a huge stack of thank you cards.

"You're bringing a lot of years of experience from two campuses together, and I think its just going to mean better care for the women of Morgan County," says Marie Burgess, Parkway's Director of Labor and Delivery.

As of now, expectant mothers are being directed to Decatur General, and all of Parkway's labor and delivery staff will make the move. A hospital spokesperson tells us the move does not represent a loss of service, but rather a consolidation of services -- everything under one roof -- designed to provide better care for expectant mothers and their babies. 

Employees at Parkway tell us they're not sure yet what the former labor and delivery area will be used for. That decision will be announced at a later date.