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Beverage Warmer Gets Thumbs Up!

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Do you want your cup of coffee or tea to stay hot longer at your desk?  We may have a suggestion for you.

The Brookstone Beverage Warmer list at $24.99 but at a post-Christmas sale we got it for $12.49.

It's a device you put on your desk with a raised platform that holds your cup. Think super-powered saucer!

Beverage Warmer

It has two settings. There is a low setting and a high setting.   Also, for safety, there is a two-hour cutoff which shuts the warmer down if you forget to turn it off!

We made hot tea to test the Brookstone Beverage Warmer.  The temperature of the tea when we made it was around 155 degrees.

We put one cup on the warmer and left one cup beside it on the table.   We waited 30 minutes to see how what the difference would be.

The cup of tea that was not on the charger was down it around 108 degrees.  The tea on the charger was in the 125-130 degree range.

We like the Brookstone Beverage Warmer and make it a "Deal."