UAH Developed App Offers Air Quality Readings

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(HUNTSVILLE, AL) - People who suffer from smog and fog - or deal with allergies during the seasonal changes - might want to try a new free app called MobileAQI.

A team of UA Huntsville researchers developed the Mobile Air Quality Index app, which tracks air quality and offers instant data for people with respiratory issues. Project leader Dr. Udaysankar Nair said the app can help to a broad group of people, "The population most at risk is the elderly, especially people with respiratory problems, although this could be of use to children or anyone with serious respiratory problems, such as bad asthma."

MobileAQI combines data from air quality modeling done on campus with NASA satellite readings, plus time and location information through a smartphone's GPS technology, to offer a specific index reading for each user.

The index readings include a number as well as a clear, color-coded label. That makes it easy for the sick or elderly - those who often suffer most from poor air quality - to use.

The app is available for download on both Android and iPhone systems. According to UA Huntsville, "The coverage area includes most of the eastern U.S., from the tip of Florida as far north as Milwaukee and from the Atlantic Ocean as far west as the border between Kansas and Colorado."

The app also takes into account seasonal impacts on air quality - like burning.

Links to both the Android and iPhone versions of the free app are available on the ESSC home page at: