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Annual “Green” Progress Report Released for Alabama

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- The non-profit group, Green Resource Center for Alabama, has released the 5th annual Green Progress Report.

According to the report, the Rocket City is on the fast track toward conservation.

Local conservation groups released the report at the Botanical Garden in Huntsville on Thursday. Cathie Mayne with the Land Trust of North Alabama said that going green across the state is a collaborative effort."

"We work together with people from the Botanical Garden, and the ones who create the report," said Mayne. "We're very pleased to help protect green space and natural areas and freshwater areas in North Alabama."

The report includes a "Top 12 for 2012" list. Those landmark projects include Monte Sano becoming certified by the National Wildlife Federation and the first "Wildlife Community."
 It also mentions a conservation bill that Alabama residents voted on at the polls.

"This past year, we passed two landmark bills," said Pat Byington with the Green Resource Center for Alabama. "One by the vote of the people, the forever land trust acquisition law, and Congress passed the Restore Act which is going to help our gulf coast," said Byington.

Huntsville makes a big name for itself in the report, playing home to several environmentally friendly initiatives and paving the path for other cities.

"Huntsville is one of the leading business-minded cities," said Byington. "So, if Huntsville is going green, the rest of the state is too."

If you would like to view the full report, click here.