Huntsville Public Works Department Handles Holiday Trash Boom, Offers Safety Suggestions

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Many wake the day after Christmas to an all important question - did I remember to put the trash out?

After all, holiday festivities, generate a lot garbage; missing your trash day can mean big pile up.

That's why crews hit the streets first thing in the morning.  All you have to do is get the garbage out on time, because these folks have a lot of work to get done.

Equipment Operator James Edwards explains "Christmas time, that's probably our busiest time, because everybody's got gifts.  They've got plenty of boxes set out.  I bet we average ten to fifteen more thousand pounds."

Driving this route after Christmas, you get a pretty good handle on the kind of year people are having.

Edwards says, "You see the flat screens, and you know they had a good Christmas.  That's for sure."

Around here, it's looking like a pretty successful holiday season.

Edwards points out, "You can see down the road here it looks like every can is packed full, so it looks like everybody is having a pretty good year."

Looking back on it, you have to admit that for all the stuff you take in during the holidays - you're putting a lot out on the curb too.  And that can be dangerous.  Piled up holiday trash can be like a catalog of what folks got for Christmas.

Edwards says thieves can see what you leave out in your bins, "If they see the big tv boxes, the stereo system sitting out, they know what they got inside, and they know what they can go in there and get."

So keep your trash safe, if you want to keep your Christmas gifts secure.

Edwards advises, "The first thing, you need to put it out the morning of your pickup day.  Don't let it sit out there for two or three days, because that way a thief can drive by and see what's out there."

Get up bright and early to dispose of big-ticket boxes, that way only your friendly neighborhood sanitation worker will know what you toss out.

Plus, Edwards acknowledges you should go a step beyond to hide your haul, "Keep stuff in bags.  Black bags.  That definitely helps because you can't see it.  Make sure the bags are tied up, not just laying there open."

Trust the truck to take your stuff, but make sure you don't take any unnecessary risks along the way.

Of course, to get your stuff out at the right time, you need to know when the trucks are coming for it.  Here's a link to the schedule for the City of Huntsville's holiday collection schedule.

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