Liquor Store Sales Boom Around Holidays, Along With Other Retailers

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Plenty of people keep searching for the perfect piece of jewelry or article of clothing to finish off their gift list, but as that precious family time nears, others make different preparations.

The mall isn’t the only one bringing in a ton of customers right now.

Liquor stores do big business around the holidays too.

Liquor Express relies on the holidays for business too.  Staff tell us it’s one of the busiest times of the year, right up there with the new years and Fourth of July.

Assistant Manager Michael Olah says, “It gets to where it looks like real Christmas shopping, probably 100 cars in the parking lot.”

Everybody wants something a little different.

Olah thinks, “Definitely gifts, but at the same time, they’re going to be with family, so they want to drink.”

It’s festive here.  Ornaments dangle, and the lights get lit too.  Most importantly for the business though, the cash register rings right along like jingle bells.

It’s a good year for them.

Olah assesses, “Today will tell a lot, but yesterday was extreme the way it fell on the weekend, so I would say this year is going to be busier.  And last year I could barely keep up.”

It’s a busy season, but no sooner will they give out the last Christmas Ale, than they’ll have to start preparing for the champagne rush of the new year.

Because whether it’s December 25th or January 1st – it’s the time of the year when many adults fill their glass for a toast.