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Watch Out For Scams Targeting Utility Customers

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News release issued by Huntsville Utilities:

Scams targeting utility customers continue being reported all across the United States. These scams aim to steal payments and identity information using in-person solicitations, phone calls, and text messages.

Presently there is another bill-payment scam, soliciting utility customers for credit/debit card information for immediate payment on their accounts. The scams works by receiving a telephone call from someone claiming to work for Huntsville Utilities, the caller threatens to cut off the customer’s service if their account isn’t paid in full. Further the caller instructs the customer to buy a prepaid debit card, and gives the customer a fake telephone number to call back to process the payment. This scam has occurred at other utility systems.

Huntsville Utilities does not contact customers to request this information. Huntsville Utilities does not request credit/debit card information over the phone. In the event a customer is delinquent on payments, communication from Huntsville Utilities will be sent through standard U.S. Mail, not direct telephone calls.

If a customer receives such a call, Huntsville Utilities requests that they gather as much information as possible from the caller and contact the utility immediately at (256) 535-1200 so the scam can be investigated.